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Our Origins

We welcome you to shara, a New Zealand based family company that was set-up by husband (Jaynend) and wife (Shubha) and is further supported by our son, Harshae and daughter, Sanam. 

Jaynend has a background in  jewellery manufacturing, designer clothing and retail, while Shubha has consulted to businesses on strategy, IT projects and customer service improvements. 

Our love and taste for things crafted simply and beautifully is what led to Shara.

The family photos we're sharing are from an amazing time we had at a 2018 destination, family wedding in Jaipur.

Inspired by our travels to India, we now work with small artisan groups there and look forward to sharing the story of your individual chosen piece with you, as part of your discerning purchase.

Our Values

These values guide everything we do.

PERSONALISED - we will provide you with a personalised service and a special experience. We will partner with you on the journey of choosing what looks great, brings joy, a sense of adventure and makes you feel truly special as the individual you are.

PRESERVE TRADITIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP - we feel a deep commitment towards respecting and supporting those who use age-old creativity and skills to produce the beautiful items we source for you. The spirit and story of their work will be shared with you as part of your purchase.

EMBRACE FEEDBACK - we welcome feedback that will allow us to learn and improve, so we can do the right thing for our customers and commit to providing value to all those who are part of the shara community.




A beautiful lady.

Smart and damn seductive.

Shara is the kind of girl you can trust and lean on.

She can be a joker but a total serious girl when needed.

Full of surprises, she brings happiness to those 
around her.